Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Story of LIfe

This past Saturday we were informed that my (Bree's) grandpa has stage 4 advanced lung cancer. It has been really hard on the family... because my grandpa doesn't wish to have the fluid that is building up in his lung drained another time nor does he want to be revived. Knowing that my grandpa has a strong relationship with the Lord, I know that he is going to heaven and know that he will not have to suffer from earthly pain any longer.
It's much easier for me to say this than my family members. While my grandpa (who has never smoked day in his life is dying right in front of us, my sister and great uncle still go outside to have a smoke break. WOW Alex and I have been praying for my family and that the passing of my grandpa would bring my family closer to Christ.
Lst night, I was touched. My grandpa's minster came in to pray with him (like he has every night) and my grandpa who wasn't speaking that much said the Lord's prayer.
Please pray that grandpa will go to be with Jesus soon, so he will not have to deal with the pain. Also that my family will get through this hard time and grow closer/ come to Jesus!

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