Monday, April 26, 2010

A year later

WOW so I haven't looked at this thing in over a year. How things have changed... how my heart has changed.

I have decided to start blogging again to update friends on the belly pictures and what's going on.

I am officially 5 months pregnant this week and I started feeling the baby kick. Baby Waymond kicks softly but hard enough to get my attention at all the wrong times...usually when I am not feeling well or trying to sleep.

Since we have began purchasing and having things purchased for us, this whole pregnancy is starting to feel a little more real. I came home from shopping with my Grandma last night and just sat on the cough thinking, "OMG I am going to be a mom...what when did I grow up?" Somethings I feel like I am still 14.

So this is for Galaa mainly but here are some pictures from week 18!