Monday, November 15, 2010

FREE Christmas Cards!? Yes please!

Get 50 free Christmas cards from Shutterfly!
Since Hannah has arrived I have made announcements and a photo book of her first month. I am so excited to have Christmas cards with pictures of Hannah(which we are getting taken the weekend after Thanksgiving) and send out to our family and friends. There is nothing like getting a Christmas card with a baby! Especially since most of the people getting the cards have yet to see her because they live out of town.
Not to mention, I love getting the orange shutterfly boxes in the mail... it just brightens my day!
Also I love it when we use our discover card, we get a free photo book for in the future! And we can use the awesome coupons we get in the mail from them! LOVE IT
This is the birth announcement we went with:

What Christmas card should we use this year?

Friday, November 12, 2010


I feel more like myself again, I am back to my doing one of my favorite things... COOKING and experimenting with new recipes and foods.
I am really excited for the next couple of weeks, I have decided to try something new with my menus. I have made out a menu for a month at a time so that I can get items as they go on sale. I am also going to start shopping weekly instead of bi-weekly. I hope I don't completely blow the budget since I will be going shopping twice as much. I am doing this to create some type of consistency since Hannah will not be with me all the time.

Last weekend I purchased a sewing machine and this week JoAnn's just so happened to have fabric and patterns on sale! I am so excited to learn how to use this sewing machine and start making some fabulous things for Hannah, our home, and myself!
**I have to learn how to use it because I have never used such a nice and new sewing machine
Pictures to come of the items I will be making

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

updated 4 1/2 months later

Maternity Pictures taken by Amanda Eaton Photography

Newborn pictures taken by Amanda Eaton Photography

Arrived 9.11.10

The day we brought her home

First doctor's appointment at 5 days old

First bath at home,7days old

7 days old

Napping with Dad at 9 days old

2 weeks old

First bottle feeding at 3 1/2 weeks

First tub bath at 1 month old

All smiles at 6 1/2 weeks

getting ready for bath with Dad at 7 weeks

First Halloween @ 7 weeks

sporting our new owl hat at 8 weeks

hanging out in the bebe pod at 8 weeks