Thursday, October 9, 2008

Roller Coaster

October 7th 3:30pm: Found out that I have a problem with my gall bladder.

October 8th 10am: ultra sound that determined there is something seriously wrong with my gall bladder but the technician can not tell me what exactly is wrong. I am to go to my doctors asap to get hooked up with a surgeon

October 8th 10:45am: Arrive at doctors office only to find out that I have gall stones and an infection. I am told to go straight to the emergency room for emergency surgery.

October 8th 12pm: Arrive at St. Mary's emergency room with my husband and family. Prepared for surgery.

October 8th 3pm: After 3 hours of blood work, freezing, and a fun I.V. ... I am released because there is no need for an emergency surgery. I am sent home with antibiotics and told to go and see the surgeon on Monday!

October 9th 11am: Call the doctor about the happens of the day before... only to find out that the secretary at the doctors office misunderstood the doctor and I was not going to the emergency room for surgery, but rather I was going to the emergency room to get an IV of antibiotics... which I never received.

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