Thursday, October 2, 2008

a WOW moment(s)

The Lord has been asking me to freely give to others.
Last week Alex came home and told me about a young lady at Alpha who did not have a bible. I felt God telling me to give her one of mine... So on Sunday I took one of my old bibles and gave it to her. It was not a big deal to me but wow to her it was a huge deal. What got me was watching this young lady during the meeting. She never let go of the bible, never put it down, nothing. I stood there and questioned myself. Where do I put my bible? Do I ever hold my bible like that? The situation just really touched me and caused me to think deeply into the importance of the bible.

Also for the past 3 months at work I have been talking to a lady at a different store. She has expressed to me almost daily about how she is struggling to feed her children. I have offered to buy her food, buy angelfood for her... she never wanted to take them from me because of pride. I was speaking with her last week and told her about my dinner party for college group and how I would have a lot of food left over. She finally took my offer to take some of the food. Thankfully Alpha donated food so I had a ton (literally) of food left. This also got me to thinking... What is my pride getting in the way of? I have a really hard time allowing people to pay for stuff for me (a meal, gifts, anything)... I let my pride of money get in the way. I don't want people to think that I do not have the money to pay for items. Sometimes we all need to humble ourselves and allow people to help us out.

I am in no way trying to make myself look better... I just love what the LORD is teaching me right now and wanted to share.

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