Sunday, January 18, 2009

The New Year

The new year is starting off with a boom.
Christmas day, we learned that we will be an aunt and uncle. Danielle and Matt are due in August. We're just really thankful that we are not the ones having the child.
Then the good news just kept rolling... New Years Eve they got engaged... but the engagement did not last long. January 10th we attended their wedding... yes that is correct a 10 day engagement.

Alex and I have learned so much since we got married... but the biggest thing is that... We were worshiping money more than we were worshiping God. Since we've been married we have not been employed full time at the same time. But through the grace of God we have been able to live,eat, and pay our bills.

We just got back from Mobilise in St. L... what a great experience! God was there BIG time. Tom Shaw... AWESOME man of God. He hit the nail on the head Saturday night. About how we look to others for approval or think that we are above others. I really got my butt handed to me that night. How much do I look at other women and think, God if I were just like her... she's so beautiful, smart, her... is amazing... Women are horrible at this and I am no different. We can never be happy with the way that God made us. We desire to be like another woman instead of being His woman.

I lost my job last week, I realized that it was totally GOD. What do I do with my life now? How am I going to bring glory to His Kingdom? I have 2 interviews this week. I am praying hard for one... or does God want me to do something different?

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