Friday, December 5, 2008

Here we go again folks
I woke up on Tuesday morning and I couldn't keep any food or liquids down. I thought that I just had the flu, so I didn't go to work and just tried to eat something and keep it down. Well the same thing happened Wednesday, so my mom took me to the doctor who then called me into the ER at St. Luke's East Hospital.
So Wednesday night I am at the ER for a gall bladder attack and jandis (yellowish skin(I don't know how to spell it)). So I am admitted to the hospital and told that I would just have to wait until tomorrow to see what will happen. The reason I couldn't (and still can not) keep food down is because they believe a stone has passed through the duct and is blocking or has entered the duct. So if I haven't passed the stone, then there will have to be a separate operation than just the removal of my gall bladder.
Thursday, I had an MRI done of my gall bladder and that revealed that I have 5 stones in my gall bladder. The GI doctor was so nice and was very straight forward and very serious about getting my gall bladder out as soon as possible. So he called the general surgeon to come and speak with me about the procedure.
The surgeon walks in and he is only like 27 years old and he says, "Let's get it out today" to bad there were no operating rooms available at all yesterday. So right now I am sitting in my hospital room just chilling until they can find an opening in the operating schedule. What a wait of money. Today I am praying that I will have my gall bladder removed and go home!

Just so you all know I am doing just fine. Besides typing on this stupidly huge rubber keyboard with no mouse. But if that's my biggest complaint then.... I am GOOD

T minus 2 weeks until I am eating my salad I have been craving for the past 2 months!!!!!

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