Friday, November 12, 2010


I feel more like myself again, I am back to my doing one of my favorite things... COOKING and experimenting with new recipes and foods.
I am really excited for the next couple of weeks, I have decided to try something new with my menus. I have made out a menu for a month at a time so that I can get items as they go on sale. I am also going to start shopping weekly instead of bi-weekly. I hope I don't completely blow the budget since I will be going shopping twice as much. I am doing this to create some type of consistency since Hannah will not be with me all the time.

Last weekend I purchased a sewing machine and this week JoAnn's just so happened to have fabric and patterns on sale! I am so excited to learn how to use this sewing machine and start making some fabulous things for Hannah, our home, and myself!
**I have to learn how to use it because I have never used such a nice and new sewing machine
Pictures to come of the items I will be making

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